Shelter Program


Due to COVID-19, Stepping Stone and Dwelling Place are currently closed.

If you need shelter, please contact:

Adult (25+) Mon-Sun, 8am-8pm

Adult (25+) Mon-Sun, 8pm-8am

The Drop In Centre’s shelter programs provide homeless individuals with a shelter bed and access to basic needs, such as meals, hygiene items, and showers. These emergency shelters offer individuals a safe place to stay as they search for housing and pursue their goals.

All shelter residents are encouraged to utilize The Drop In Centre during the day, when the shelter is closed. Meals are provided twice daily at the Drop In Centre and are free of charge to anyone utilizing the shelter program. The Drop In Centre is open to anyone needing a helping hand.

Shelter Support

Housing Stability Support Workers are available to assist residents with building an individualized plan that best suits their needs and helps them work towards current goals. These workers can also connect residents with additional services and support resources for mental and physical health, substance abuse, trauma counselling, and legal aid.

Note: If you identify as transgender, we can work together to place you in a shelter where you feel most comfortable.

If you are in need of shelter between the hours of 9am-3pm, Monday-Friday, please contact us directly at the Drop In Centre at 519-837-0080. Otherwise, please contact one of the shelters below.


Stepping Stone Men’s Shelter Program

Entry Requirements: Men 25+
Capacity: 22

Shelter Hours
Monday to Thursday – 8pm to 8am
Friday to Sunday –  3pm to 8am

Contact: (519) 837-0633

Family Shelter Program

Are you a family in need of shelter? Please call for more information. 

Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm: 519-837-0080

For shelter access outside of these times, please contact either Stepping Stone or Dwelling Place.

Dwelling Place Women’s Shelter Program

Entry Requirements: Women 25+ 
Capacity: 16

Shelter Hours
3pm-9am, 7 days/week

Contact: 519-829-2844

Are you under 25 and needing shelter?

Wyndham  House Youth Emergency Shelter

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