The Parkview Permanent Supportive Housing Project

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Guelph-Wellington has been working to end homelessness in our city by 2023. Local agencies, businesses and citizens are working together to find permanent homes throughout our community for approximately 150 people who are homeless. There are many projects at various stages in Guelph-Wellington to meet this need.

About Permanent Supportive Housing
Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) is an evidenced-based and cost-effective solution for people who are chronically homeless and/or highly vulnerable. They may face additional challenges such as mental health issues, substance use disorders or chronic health conditions. To end homelessness by 2023, Guelph-Wellington will have several PSH buildings, supported by trusted community partners.

How the Parkview Motel has been used by Guelph-Wellington homeless
Since 1986, The Drop In Centre has worked with adults and seniors experiencing homelessness in our community. No one in Guelph-Wellington is ever refused shelter, but too often our community’s shelters become full. Since 1986, the Parkview Motel has acted as an “overflow shelter” for short-term stays for people experiencing homelessness. Now, we want to use the space for permanent housing that will give stability and supports to people who are currently homeless.

Introducing Parkview Permanent Supportive Housing
The Parkview Motel is for sale, and The Drop In Centre wants to buy the building. In collaboration with our health partners, we want to turn it into Permanent Supportive Housing, to make homes for approximately 36 adults in Guelph who are currently homeless. All residents will have access to staff members in the building to support their needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How does Permanent Supportive Housing work?

  • Leases are held by tenants without limits on length of stay
  • There is an option for rental assistance linked to each unit, such as a rent supplement, with access to individualized, flexible and voluntary supports to address needs and maintain housing stability.
  • On-site staff and can be accessed 24 hours / 7 days a week.
  • Housing design includes independent units with common spaces the building

How Parkview PSH residents will be supported
Every resident of the Parkview Permanent Supportive Housing project will have unique needs. Whether a resident is experiencing a mental health issue, substance use disorder or chronic health condition, they will be supported by the many wraparound health services offered by the Guelph Community Health Centre and partners, who will tailor individual support teams to meet these needs.

How Parkview PSH will support our neighbours
By providing permanent homes to folks in need, AND supporting their overall wellbeing, we’re creating a better, safer community for everyone. This support model, created by trusted community partners, will be in place in other Permanent Supportive Housing buildings across Guelph-Wellington.

What can you do?
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